My work seeks to highlight the intricacies of nature and foster an understanding and appreciation for the unseen details and overarching systems that maintain the balance of the natural world. 


The same principles that govern artwork are prevalent in natural ecology.  In the same way a composition is greater than the sum of its parts, the interactions between organisms and their environments create a system more great and incomprehensible than its individual components.  Line and color balance to produce dimension in a drawing just as features of individual organisms complement their surroundings to create a balance of all life within an ecosystem.  Thus, the dynamic relationships of the natural world lend themselves well to artistic representation and the artist is able to capture what the scientist’s empiricism describes: the fluid beauty and infinite intricacy of natural systems.

My recent work has taken a New York element, the city water towers, and drawn a parallel between their function and that of the caudex in plant water storage.  Incorporating connections between city life and organic elements explores dual meanings within familiar surroundings, but also merges the beauty of cities and biology in spite of their contrasts.  I believe all realms of the world are connected, if not through ecological reverberations, then with recurring forms and functions.  Exploring these connections is my life’s work.